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Want To Learn How To Sing?

Want to learn how to sing contemporary music? Rock? Pop? etc?

Or do you want to sharpen your skills and refine your understanding of the voice?  I teach a mixed approach blending elements from rock, pop, and classical into a streamlined style that helps you break through your perceived limitations and learn how to shape your voice into a reliable, powerful, dynamic tool. I teach online via Skype so location isn't an issue!


"Rob is a great voice coach. He started to work with my then 9 year-old son Alexis two years ago. Alexis progressed tremendously both technically and artistically. He just released an EP of 4 songs that were written by Rob. I highly recommend Rob to anyone that wants to improve his/her singing skills" - Vincent T.

"Rob is a very talented singer and has unbelievable knowledge and expertise in vocal techniques. He answers questions in great details and he is very supportive. He is very professional, always on time and has a very nice personality." - Brunilde G. 

"Robert taught my teenage son vocal lessons at a time his voice was changing- not an easy feat. He focused on head voice and ways to stretch his range without damaging his vocal chords. He even made house calls when we asked for drop-in vocal assistance before a big audition- what a nice guy! Always on time (even early!) and we definitely felt we got our money's worth. Robert maximized every minute he was teaching." - Kim S. 

Swing on over to the VOCAL LESSONS page to schedule your FREE TRIAL LESSON today! 


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