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2007 - 08 - Aries
2008 - 09 - Visionary
2009 - 10 - Tribunal
2010 - 2015 - Aries
2015 - Current - Thrillkiller
2018 - Current - Megatronix
2020 - Current - Power Rob

2012 - Lead/Tenor - Kar, Valhella, Baltimore Rock Opera Society
2012 - 2014 - Lead Villain/Tenor - Admiral Cockburn, 1814! The Rock Opera
2012 - Henchman - Phantom of the Paradise, Baltimore Rock Opera Society
2013 - Judas, Jesus Christ Superstar, AACC
2013 - Self, A Cabaret!, Howard Arts Collective

2013 - Primary/Tenor - Walton, Frankenstein, Landless Theater Company

2014 - Primary/Tenor - Shane, Rock Bottom, Landless Theater Company

2014 - Primary/Tenor - Pirelli, Prog Metal Sweeney Todd, Landless Theater Company
2014 - Primary /Tenor- Kar, Benedon, Convergence Maximus - Baltimore Rock Opera Society/Concert Artists of Baltimore
2015 - Primary/Tenor - Pirelli, Prog Metal Sweeney Todd, Landless Theater Company
2016 - Primary/Tenor- Kar, Convergence Maximus II - Baltimore Rock Opera Society/Concert Artists of Baltimore
2019 - Primary/Tenor - Bix, Space Kumite - Baltimore Rock Opera Society
2022 - Primary/Tenor - Baliog, Love and Roar - Baltimore Rock Opera Society
2023 - Primary/Tenor - Pirelli, Prog Metal Sweeney Todd

2006 - 08 - Larry Friedman
2009 - 2012 - Joy Greene(AACC)

2012 - Broadway World - Best Actor in a Musical(Non-equity) - Nominated
2012 - DC Metro Theater Arts - Best of 2012 - Best Actor in a Musical
2012 - DC Metro Theater Arts - Best Musical
2012 - 98 Rock - Band of the Month(December)
2013 - Shockwave Magazine - Band of the Year
     2013 - Best of Fringe 1814! The Rock Opera DC Metro Arts / Washington, DC
2013 - Best Historical Re-enactment 1814! The Rock Opera City Paper / Baltimore, MD
2013 - DC Metro Theater Arts - Best of 2013 - Best Musical(Frankenstein)
2018 - Welcome to my Head Radio - Top Artists for Week of January 15th - #6 - Thrillkiller
2018 - Welcome to my Head Radio - Top Artists for Week of March 5th - #1 - Thrillkiller
2018 Radio Banks Australia - Week of June 27th - #9 - Thrillkiller
2018 - Recall FM 2018 Battle of the Producers - Best Synthwave Artist - Megatronix
2018 - Maryland Music Awards - Best Funk Act - Nominated
2018 - Maryland Music Awards - Best Rock Act - Nominated

2012-2013 - Voice Instructor/Rock 101 Instructor - School of Rock
2012 - 2017 - Session Vocalist - Master Lab Studios
2015 - 2020 - Voice Instructor - Limelight Music School
2016 - present - Voice Instructor - American Music Studio

2009 - Tribunal - Blessed Armageddon
2010 - Aries - Aries EP
2012 - Aries - A Time to Kill 
2012 - Baltimore Rock Opera Society - Valhella EP
2013 - 1814 - 1814! The Rock Opera
2014 - Aries - Rise
2014 - Master Sword - Epoch EP(Guest Vocalist)
2015 - Thrillkiller - Time EP
2016 - Master Sword - Beyond The Mirror(Single/Vocals/Lyricist)
2016 - Thrillkiller - Showdown
2017 - Alex Throne - Blue EP(Writer)
2017 - Thrillkiller - The King of 1984(Single)
2017- Thrillkiller - San Francisco Moto(Single)
2018 - Megatronix - I Fight Time(Single)
2018 - Thrillkiller - San Francisco Moto(EP)
2018 - Daniele Ippolito - Materia(Vocalist/Lyricist)
2019 - Megatronix - PowerWave
2020 - Megatronix - Notorious(Single)
2020 - So Alive - Elevate the Sky + Power Rob(Single/Vocalist/Lyricist)
2020 - Power Rob - Runaway(EP)
2020 - Thrillkiller - Digital Desperado(Single)

2021 - Thunder - Ends 84 + Power Rob(Single/Vocalist/Lyricist)
2021 - Megatronix - Limitbreaker(EP)
2021 - Power Rob - Monsterman
2022 - Daniele Ippolito(Feat. Power Rob) - Two Lovers in Paradise(Single/Lyricist)
2022 - EhRah(Feat. Power Rob) - A Little Time(Single/Lyricist)
2022 - Miami Nights 1984(Feat. Power Rob) - This Christmas((Single/Lyricst)


"Vocalist Rob Bradley doesn’t sound like someone who’s screaming in pain, he just has a powerful voice and no problems with high pitched screams." Stefan Wendle – Metal Obsession 2009

"Robert has an unmistakable voice with an amazing range, awesome tone and a "rock scream" that could challenge the best of them." - Cindy Parr, Shockwave Magazine 2011

"Meet Robert Bradley who could very well be the long lost love child of King Diamond and Rob Halford. Bradley plays Kar, who ends up being the coolest of all the brothers when he’s given a singing voice that literally blows everyone away. His is a heavy metal falsetto not to be toyed with. Bradley could have ruled absolute over Los Angeles in 1982. It’s not difficult to imagine him strutting up and down the Sunset Strip in leather chaps, hair teased to the stratosphere, fronting a platinum-selling metal band while fostering a ridiculous coke habit that would have been kicked by the time he was ready for his VH1 Behind the Music episode and subsequent comeback tour in the 90’s. Yes, he’s that good. The BROS always seem to find at least one superstar for each of their productions. This time Bradley fills those shoes nicely." - Justin Allen, What Weekly 2012

"Act Two unleashes the two big guns of Valhella: the face-melting Danielle Robinette as Hel the Dead, who gives a voice to the even-more-face-melting Robert Bradley as brother Kar. Robinette and Bradley achieve Metal Goddess and God vocal quality in Valhella. Seriously. If they team up with The Beerded and produce a cd, I will be first in line to pick up a copy."  - Andrew L. Baughman, DC Metro Theater Arts 2012

"This past spring, I worked alongside a full fledged Rock n’ Roll tenor who sold his voice. I participated in the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s most epic production of “VALHELLA.” Robert Bradley played the role of Kar, who was mute for the first half of the show, and then found his voice in the latter half. Robert sounded like he had been singing… and singing these crazy, powerful, Freddie Mercury-esque high notes… for a long time.

VALHELLA is about three brothers trying to save their village from starvation and desolation. Each of the brothers, though, has a disability – Har is blind, Ivar is deaf, and Kar is mute. So clearly, the effect of Kar ‘discovering’ his voice after he had been silent for more than an hour was jaw-dropping.....  When I watched Robert perform alongside me (even though I was headbanging most of the time), he felt it, he embodied it – he WAS the music." - Britt Olsen-Ecker, Operagasm 2012

"Rob Bradley, who, at 24 years old, had just started grade school when Israel and Dudley wrote the songs, grabs the mic, and his eyes go demonic as he starts to belt out a number from the perspective of Cockburn (pronounced co-burn, but what better name for a metal singer?)with the extraordinarily high, operatic sound of classic 1980s British metal." - Baynard Woods, City Paper 2012

"In Robert Bradley, breakout performer of Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s 2012 Valhella, we have a dream Judas. He brings a legitimate metal frontman’s sensibility to the role, and lands all four of Judas‘ big songs with effortless rock falsetto and soulful vocal interpretation. His characterization oozes malice, registering somewhere between Richard III and a Sith Lord, which seemed perfectly ok with Sunday’s audience of church-goers." - Andrew L. Baughman, DC Metro Theater Arts 2013

"With stars of the local rock and musical theater scene headlining, vocal pyrotechnics are the signature of this tale. Robert Bradley, frontman for the local progressive rock band Aries, is an agonized Judas. From the angst-ridden opener, Heaven on Their Minds, to his defiant final Superstar, he is charismatic, wailing to his vocal edge." - Bay Weekly 2013

Singer, Rob Bradley is one of the best singers I've had the pleasure of reviewing. He has an amazing vocal range, and can harmonize anything."  Will Telltale 2016

"Bradley‘s vocals are some of this genre’s best. The guy has some serious range and could sing the phone book and send chills," Terry Martinson, Sleaze Roxx 2017


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