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Music Videos


THRILLKILLER - The King Of 1984 Music Video

Thrillkiller's first music video! This was also crowd funded by our fanbase on Kickstater and kicked off the Rex Razor music film series that he have added to over the years. 

THRILLKILLER - San Francisco Moto

This is the second music film in the Thrillkiller Cinematic Universe. The characters and story were a combination of story ideas I came up with alongside director, Greg Bowen. This was a treat to create, and the result of a year of work and fundraising from our generous fans!

ARIES - Mr. Madness

This was from my band's(Aries) performance at Baltimore Soundstage when we performed with Symphony X in the fall of 2012. This is one of our originals and certainly one of the most difficult songs of our catalog to perform vocally. 

1814 - Too Rockin To Lose

This was  taken during the filming of a teaser video for the upcoming show, 1814! The Rock Opera. In this I portray the lead villain, Admiral Cockburn performing the song, Too Rockin' to Lose. The real music video will be aired on national Canadian television as part of a documentary about 1812 aired by the CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). The full production began in October of 2012 running off and on until 2014. 

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